Easy Salami and Cheese Board

alternating rows of salami and cheese on a wooden board.

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An easy salami and cheese board made using Olli Salumeria Snack Packs. Whether you are entertaining for the holidays or simply relaxing at home, this is a great idea that you will want to try! 


  • 3 Olli Salumeria Snack Packs (each contains 2 ounces of salami, cheese and crackers). We recommend trying a variety of Snack Pack options to get a mix of salami and cheese (e.g. sopressetta, Genoa salami and pepperoni).
  • extra prosciutto (optional)
  • a handful of grapes


  1. Get your board ready. Set a wooden board or serving platter on a work surface.
  2. Spread a row of salami along one edge of the board.
  3. Take the cheese from an Olli Snack Pack and arrange it in a row next to the first row of salami.
  4. Use another Snack Pack salami to create another row of meat next to the cheese. Again, use the cheese from that pack to create another row next to the salami.
  5. Create a final row of salami, followed by the cheese, from another Snack Pack.
  6. Place the crackers from the Snack Packs in a couple of piles near the edge of the board.
  7. Finish the board by arranging any extra items you choose around the edge of the rows of salami and cheese. We used a bit of extra prosciutto and some grapes. 


  • You can vary the types of salami based on what you have available.

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